Mission and Vision


The Founder

Holly T. Lyle is an American citizen featuring in many health magazines. He tends to criticize and also appreciate the government plan on the health care system.

However, he feels there is a crucial population left out, and they need that care.


Our Mission

We are here to provide factual information on the American health care system.

We demystify the myths and get the comprehensive details that aid in making an informed decision as an international tourist or a local as far as health insurance decisions are concerned.


Our Vision

Our mandate is to see an informed population and make the right decisions for seeking medical services.

We don’t want to see patients who are stranded with medical bills simply because they chose a high-end hospital for a medical service, yet they could have used other government organs for the same.

Importance of Having Healthcare

Without adequate access to excellent healthcare services, there would be a decrease in the populace’s general well-being and quality of life. These services guarantee favorable health outcomes by eliminating the dangers associated with disease complications. Hence, the availability of timely and affordable medical help and supplies is essential.

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