What should you do to access health care in the US?

This industrialized nation’s health care plan is left to an individual now that they are no universal health care for all.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to shop around and enroll in an insurance cover within your means.

However, the low-income population isn’t left out. Medicaid is a program that targets them.

The social welfare program is comprehensive and robust but with a catch. You have to qualify by giving evidence that you are in really dire need due to your low income.

It’s free insurance specifically for health with no monthly subscriptions; instead, they have a cost-sharing facility.

Despite the inroads, the nation is taking in healthcare, a survey conducted in 2017 ranks it as the most expensive, inefficient, and no equitable health plan.

The problems of the United States Health Plan

  • Administrative wastage
  • Relies on private health insurance
  • Uses direct fee financial system
  • High-drug prices
  • Poor health plan for the aging population
  • No citizen health benefits
  • High hospital costs

One advantage of this country’s plan is that everyone is accommodated in the many medical programs as much there is no universal health cover.

That is the main contributor to the high expectancy rate since everyone is accessible to a health care plan based on their income.

Government legislation is such that it is friendly to all. Also, there is no compromise on the quality of service because of the income levels.

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